Learn more about us and the the way we empower a high business intelligence

Cizaro understands your business

We recognize that no two operations are the same - business processes and challenges faced with ERP & POS systems vary dramatically between clients. This belief is reflected in the way we created flexible software - powerful, robust and entirely integrated yet simple to adjust and easy to use.

By consulting our implementation specialists, you can request your specific Cizaro customization to individualize the applications:
Designing personalized screens
Adding exclusive fields
Optimizing the User Interface
Producing special reports, dashboards, etc

We work to match and satisfy your requirements.

We lift you to the cloud

Supervise all branches at once

The system is suitable for one location as well as a chain that requires an automatic and real-time synchronization between all departments. View and modify data of any item, employee, branch, or entire company to be fully in charge.

Enjoy freedom everywhere

Keep an eye on your business performance with our live viewing panel for sales and other activities. Whether you’re vacationing on a remote island or simply working from home, use any device to see what has happened, when and by whom.

Work both online and offline

We have built our system to be fully operational regardless of your connection. If your internet access gets interrupted, you can still make changes, add data and sell with an unlimited number of receipts. Cizaro will automatically update the system once your connection is back.