What is Digital Signage?

An increasing number of businesses and public
institutions display information on electronic
screens through the so-called digital signs.
Such message is in general more attractive
and eye-catching. That is why Digital Signage
is a new kind of information carrier winning
popularity all over the public space.
Those areas include malls, supermarkets, airports,
post offices and many more, which proves how
universal and useful the new technology can be.


Advantages for my business?

This novel method of displaying content is also called “digital merchandising,” which reveals its capability to increase sales via advertisments and commercials. Thanks to Cizaro, you will not need any additional software for Digital Signage as our ERP & POS system manages all the tasks at once.

Visibility: If you ever wondered how to attract your customers to the latest deals and products, make sure they can be easily spotted throughout the store.

Attention: Replace the old, stagnant and dull posters with modern, lively and exciting videos or animated images.

Simplicity: No need to change posters or deal with paper printing and hanging. You can now manage all the information from your computer: upload the content, assign various images and videos to the right screen, indicate the duration of display, etc.

Practicality: Electronic screens come in all sizes. They can be easily installed and moved around into the strategic ocations in your business. Moreover, our software works with any hardware you choose.


your special offer:

  • New products
  • Discounts
  • Sales
  • Loyalty club
  • Extra services
  • Boosted profits
  • Savings in time and money
  • Higher customer satisfaction

How can I use it?

Cizaro incorporated an entirely integrated Digital Signage module into our ERP & POS solutions for the smooth management of content on all your screens. Connecting devices to the software is simple and intuitive. The system also allows to quickly and easily upload your content, assign various images and videos to the screens you choose, indicate the duration of display and many other options we invite you to discover yourself.