Get your business on the right track

Sophisticated Administrator Log Book

Cizaro is equipped with an advanced log book that registers all activities ocurring in the system.

Each movement of product, transaction and every other operation can be traced and identified by time, location, user, etc. This gives you full supervision over the business and operations, so nothing will escape your attention.


Warranty Service Point

If your business runs a service point, our system will keep track of the submitted item’s location and status from collecting to releasing.

Upon handing in the product, your client will be generated a receipt. We make it easy to monitor each step of the repair including costs and problem details for high customer satisfaction.


Roles & Access Permissions

We give you this powerful feature to create roles sorting your employess by their jobs and limiting their access to the system.

The administrator decide what tasks and areas can be accessed by each individual or the employee job. Even after you assigned some duties to a particular role. eg. Shift Manager, you can still add or remove them depending on a given person.


Smart Search Tool

Finding data is now a piece of cake – the Cizaro Search Tool filters, categorizes and sorts your data

with just a bit of information so everything is easy to browse and quick to find. If you decide to check sales from the last 2 weeks of, for example, a golden necklace – choose the type of client, product, material, the time or seller and you will find everything fast and easy.


Reminder System

Which one-time, daily, weekly or bi-weekly activites are worth reminding?

Set alerts in your calendar to ensure that no one misses an inventory count, delivery day, client birthday, etc. Each alert can be linked to your customers, employers, products, suppliers and more.


Offline Protection

Keeping your system to work normally even when your internet get offline or interrupt.

This gives you full supervision over the software and operations so nothing will escape your attention.


Smooth Transfer of Data

Save time by easily exporting and importing your data from/to Cizaro via the most popular files: Excel, PDF, MS Access, etc..

Salesman boost features

Handing easily Commissinos, Competitions, Target and lawaway...

This gives you full supervision over the software and operations so nothing will escape your attention.